Internship offer: UX design Stage

Bayonne, France (Télétravail possible) (voir sur une carte)

Internship: UI / UX design

Location: Bayonne – Nouvelle Aquitaine

Team: Development team

Date: February 2021 for 6 months


Job summary

The objective of the internship is to initiate the implementation of all UX design practices on our AdaOne software. ADAXIS is convinced that User Centred Design (UCD) is an essential lever to gain in performance and to ensure an easier distribution of its software by making it more intuitive and satisfying to use. 

The internship will be carried out in co-supervision with PIGWII, a renowned ergonomics & UX Design agency based in Biarritz.


ADAXIS is a young company whose aim is to revolutionise the manufacturing industry by offering innovative software tools for industrial robotics. Our technologies unlock the potential of new manufacturing processes and derive maximum value out of it. Here is an example of a realization: boat printing.

ADAXIS, founded by a French-Swedish team of technologists, was born out of a unique collaboration between two of the leading research organizations working with robotic manufacturing process in Europe today: École Supérieure des Technologies Industrielles Avancées (ESTIA) and Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE). The team bonded together during a European research project and shared the common goal of rethinking additive robotic manufacturing.

Our first product, AdaOne, enables to effortlessly transform any robotic arm into a flexible 3d printer. It allows us to envisage a 10-fold reduction in the cost of robotic additive manufacturing and the development of a family of new robotic industrial processes.

AdaOne is now used by about 20 manufacturers throughout Europe. The elementary principles of UI / UX design have already brought the project to its origin and it is now fundamental to develop them to a more industrial level.


The missions will be framed by AdaOne, our first software. This product is dedicated to robotized additive manufacturing for both metal and polymer. AdaOne is a desktop software able to connect to robot cell and linked to online database and services. This internship mission offers to cover all the UX tasks and to apply them to a standalone software used by a large panel of operators (mechanic, roboticist, designer, project manager, logistician, artists, …).

The expectations are varied:

-          Existing system analysis and UX audit with report on the tasks to be carried out.

-          Preliminary improvement proposal on the design of the software.

-          Implementation of user tests and analysis of results and proposals to apply.

-          Drawing and coding of interface prototypes to prepare the development work.

Job terms

An internship of at least 6 months is expected. The remuneration will be discussed according to the profile. The expected start is early February. The internship will take place in Bayonne, partial working from home will be possible after the first 2 months. The long-term goal is to integrate these skills internally into the development team by full-time employment.

Hard skills


-          Fluent in English

The choice of tools and methods used will be discussed with the trainee and PIGWII. A certain freedom will be given to the trainee to choose the most appropriate.


-          Basic skills in Photoshop/Illustrator.

-          Basic skills in JSON-like programming.

-          UI skills.

Soft skills

ADAXIS is composed of a young team of engineers who are passionate about industry and object manufacturing. We want to offer software at the cutting edge of technology. A pronounced taste for ergonomic, modern, and high technological interfaces will be appreciated. Also, the ability to interact with heterogenous kind of people (technical users, product designer, developers) is needed to ensure a good integration in our ecosystem.

As ADAXIS is a young company, the possibilities of evolution are important and the taking of initiative and responsibility are always appreciated.